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Microsoft Teams with Office 365

Microsoft Teams with Office 365

The way in which business operates is evolving

Both work styles and the workforce is changing and becoming more and more diverse. A changing modern workplace needs modern tools.

Microsoft Teams with Office 365 is the new hub for teamwork which gives your staff a single and secure application to bring everything a needs together: chats, meetings, calls, files and tools.

Today’s workplace is changing

Microsoft Teams was built to meet the communication and collaboration trends that are moving through the modern enterprise. 

Use social tools at work

more than one device per user

generations working together

Frequently working remotely 

as many teams working together

employee time is spent collaborating

Communicate without effort and keep everyone in the know

Microsoft Teams with Office 365 gives your staff a workspace that enables your teams to communicate through chats across the business and regardless of geography.

Teams can be dynamic. Members, roles, priorities and goals can change, resulting in different communication needs. Teams can engage in private 1-to-1 chats, in group chats or in team conversations that are visible to the entire team.


All your common tools, all the Office apps that people use every day – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, PowerBi are all build-in. This gives people access to the files and tools then need to work within the Team.

Your staff can share, co-author and edit Office documents and other files straigh from the Microsoft Teams application.

As all files are stored on SharePoint, the latest version of all files is available to the team. More importantly, with all files centralised you can ensure your data is protected through your standard backup strategy.


Today, Microsoft Teams offers a complete meeting solution supporting shareing, video and audio conferencing.

Teams can be used for 1-to-1 or group meetings. Microsoft Teams with Office 365 is also available across mobile, desktop and browsers with integrated communications to meeting room devices.

After a meeting is completed, team members can access recordings of the meeting and cany files that were shared during the meeting.

Connect with anyone through ITConsult Dialiing for Office 365

Microsoft Teams with Office 365 can transform into a reliable, cost-effective, cloud-based telphony solution. All your staff can have a dedicated phone number for domestic and international calls. 

Microsoft Teams can provide you with all the enterprise phone features you’d expect including advanced call management, call routing, auto attendant and reporting.

Want to know more?

Microsoft Teams can introduce new ways of working and deliver a more collaborative, open and transparent workforce.