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NetApp Cloud Volumes

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Building a hybrid cloud environment just got a whole lot easier. Are you ready for tried and proven way of given your applications fast access to on premise data and replicating to the cloud for DR? Enter NetApp Cloud Volumes.

It’s true that you can outsource infrastructure, applications and services through various as-a-service programs. You can’t outsource the responsibility you have for your business data.

Your business data must be secured, protected and managed.

Now, you can implement a single, cohesive data fabric that is geared for performance. With this single data fabric that stretches from on-premise to the cloud, you can maintain control of your data and still attached a myriad of as-a-service resources.

We’ve found that progressive business need to:

  • Migrate workloads seamlessly
  • Implement unified data management across your on-premise and Azure cloud environments
  • Deliver cost-effective data protection
  • Stand up DR and Backup up to Azure cloud
  • Implement consumption-based cost savings through the cloud

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure provides a data storage solution that is flexible enough to fit nearly any requirement. You can implement NetApp Cloud Volumes disaster recovery, DevOps and test environments through to cloud-based applications and file services.

NetApp Cloud Volumes

NetApp Cloud Volumes can help you minimize your storage footprint and cloud resource spend with storage efficiency features such as data deduplication and data compression.

With NetApp and Azure cloud, ITConsult can help you to automate data movement between your on premise infrastructure. To maintain your budgets, you can also manage the costs of your Azure cloud storage resources.

Our data management portfolio ensures that your business will get the right solutions based on performance, capacity, security and cost.


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