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Network Security


Keep your business safe by stopping advanced threats before they enter your network. Simplify your network security and apply consistent security principles everywhere.


Nearly every attack relies on compromising an endpoint. Take a “prevention first” approach and stop endpoint infections by blocking malware, exploits, ransomware and other advanced persistent threats


Protect your business critical applications from malicous threats and denial of service attacks. Maintain higher levels of security through granular control of your application traffic.

Next-generation firewall security doesn’t have to be complicated

Your staff are accessing any application they want, using work or personal devices. Applications can span both personal and work-related usage, yet the business and security risks are often ignored.

The next firewall for your business should be able to reduce the risk of your staff losing sensitive data, achieve regulatory compliance and be able to stay one step ahead of emerging threats – without slowing down your business.


Detect evasive zero-day
exploits and malware with a unique combination of
dynamic and static analysis and machine learning
techniques. Be protected from already-in-the-wild exploits within minutes.


More than 50% of the traffic on the Internet is encrypted. That’s more than 50% of the traffic on your network that you have no visibiltiy to. It’s impossible to stop nefarious traffic on your network if you can’t see it.


Australia’s privacy laws and notifiable data breach regulations dictate that you should be cautious of what information is leaving your network. Use technology to help keep your business off the front pages.


All staff are becoming more and more mobile and gaining access to data and systems remotely. It’s becoming key to protect your remote locations and mobile users with proven next-generation security features

Firewalls should enable business safely. Does Yours?

Identify what you need in your next firewall. Click through to see the 9 things you need to know to safely enable applications and technologies on your network.


In your business today, endpoint security is so much more than anti-virus

Traditional signature-based antivirus products can’t be relied on to protect your mobile network anymore. It’s been cited that only a little over 50% of all threats are detected by signature-based products. Advanced endpoint security is needed to protect your servers, VMs, laptops and desktops.


Blocking malware, exploits, and ransomware before they can compromise endpoints


Providing protection while endpoints are online and offline, on network and off.


Coordinating enforcement with network and cloud security to prevent successful attacks


Utilise intelligence from cloud-based threat analysis to prevent unknown malware

How can you deliver applications that are always available, optimised, secured, and compliant?

Applications are moving away from traditional client-server deployments. The race is on to deliver applications through web interfaces and cloud technologies.

Securing your data behind a web application security
solution that blocks known and unknown attacks against your environment puts you a step ahead of the game. 

Deploying an application firewall enables you to achieve compliance with data security requirements, such as PCI. When coupled with advanced caching technologies, you can improve the performance of you web apps without increasing the load on your infrastructure.