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Cloud PBX & UC


Replace your on-premise telephony and unlock cloud PBX capabilities with Office 365 and connect to local SIP services so you can retain your phone numbers


Chat one-on-one or have instant group conversations. Join meetings with HD audio and video, all in one place, instead of multiple apps


Work on and share files with Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, and Power BI from one application

Cloud PBX with Microsoft Teams

The new Office 365 hub for voice calls, collaboration, conversations, and meetings. All in one place, wherever you go


Microsoft Teams and Office 365 provide a full-featured PBX that includes auto-attendants, call queuing, voicemail, call-forwarding and bunch of other features you’d expect in a modern PBX


Through Microsoft Teams you can check and see on the status of all your staff. Teams shows who’s available and who’s offline, who’s busy, who’s in a meeting and who’s currently on a call.

Cloud PBX Microsoft Teams Mobile Meetings Unified Communications


With Microsoft Teams you have the choice of using mobile devices, desktops and laptops and physical handsets. Of course, you can use a mix or all. It’s completely up to you and they way your teams work.

Office 365 Cloud PBX Phone System

Microsoft’s Office 365 add-on, Phone System, gives you complete PBX capabilities for your business delivered from the cloud. There’s no need to manage and maintain on-premise infrastructure or a hosted PBX with little redundancy. 

When coupled with Microsoft Teams, your staff can make and receive calls, transfer calls, and mute or unmute calls, from nearly anywhere with Internet access. It’s available worldwide!

To learn more about Microsoft Teams, visit Microsoft’s Teams site:



Auto attendants can be used to create a menu system for your business that lets external and internal callers move through a menu system to locate and place or transfer calls to company users or departments


Call queue greetings that are used when someone calls in to a phone number for your company. You can also put calls on hold automatically search for the next available call agent to handle the call while the people who call are listening to music on hold


Voicemail is automatically set up and provisioned for your staff. All voicemails are sent to your Office 365 email system as an attachment. Staff can also listen to voicemail directly from the Microsoft Teams app


Through the use of Teams, you can extend the reach of your meetings to include standard dial-in local phone numbers that can be used around the world. Of course you can extend these meetings and mix in full video and application sharing

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Office 365 Cloud PBX with local connectivity with ITConsult Dialing for Office 365

Just because your PBX is in the cloud, doesn’t mean you need to use cloud calling plans!

ITConsult Dialing for Office 365 provides local number connectivity with your Office 365 Cloud PBX phone system and Microsoft Teams,


Utilise your existing number ranges and port your numbers to allow local number calling from Office 365 and Microsoft Teams


ITConsult Dialing for Office 365 enables you to leverage your 100 number ranges for direct calling and caller-id

13/1300/1800 NUMBERS

We can help you leverage the existing 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers you have and present them to your Cloud PBX


With ITConsult’s Dialing for Office 365 you will still receive the breakdowns of local calls, mobile, STD and international billing that you’re used to