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Data Storage


Designed to provide the fastest storage performance to deliver business-critical data to the applications that need it.


Deploy a hybrid storage array to deliver cost-effective and predictable performance for mixed-application environments.


Extend your on-premise storage platform and replicate to a private or public cloud while maintaining complete security.


Maximise ROI and performance with a storage array deployed with ITConsult

When modernising your storage infrastructure you don’t have to compromise on performance for price. ITConsult can work with you to design a data storage solution than will ensure your line of business applications are optimised and your end-user experience exceeds expectations.

The right storage for the right application

There’s a SAN solution for every business workload. If you need to deploy storage for VDI, general-purpose workloads and overall data consolidation or even if you are looking to upgrade your hybrid environment with replication to the cloud, ITConsult can guide you through the options to design, deploy and transition and to the modern data centre.


Maintain peak workload performance with high IOPS and low latency storage. Transform your business to deliver greater levels of productivity than ever before.


Automated tiered storage, intelligent deduplication, replication and compression. Reduce your power consumption and your data centre footprint.


Protect your data and meet regulatory compliance with comprehensive at-rest data encryption. Obtain near-zero RPO and RTO with built-in data protection and replication.


Devliver better TCO back to your business with cost-saving automation technologies. Transparently movbetween high performance and low-cost starge tiers.

Ultimate performance with an all flash array 

As your business goes through its digital transformation journey, you might find line of business applications that demand high performance. All flash storage systems could be the solution you need to provide the speed and responsiveness to support your critical business operations.

ITConsult has been deploying all flash storage systems for years to support VDI, SQL and other workloads that require fast response times.

Today’s all flash arrays provide performance, capacity density, scalability, security and connectivity. Where our clients have found success is through all flash storage deployments for:

High density virtual server environments
Virtual Desktop & Terminal Server Infrastructure
Resource intensive applications such as SQL, CAD

Learn how we’ve helped our clients

Download our report on how we’ve helped some of our clients deploy all flash storage arrays that have really made a difference to the bottom line


ITConsult has cost-effectively accelerated workloads for others – and we can do the same for you.

Hybrid storage arrays are designed for businesses of all sizes. A hybrid SAN can still help you to optimise your data across flash and spinning disk drives.

We work to understand your data and your requirements to design a storage platform that will help you stay agile. Hybrid storage can adapt to both your day to day and long term goals.