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LS Retail – POS and Business Management Software solutions for Retail

LS Retail – the retail ERP unified commerce software solution for retail and food service operations

We know and understand the complex challenges that retailers face when it comes to managing and growing a business. Being able to react quickly to a fast-changing environment has long been necessary to success in retail and hospitality. Today, the stakes are higher. Being able to quickly transform your service to an utterly changed world means being able to stay in business, keep staff employed and deliver vital services to the community. A key to revolutionising your business is having a centralised business management platform enabled with LS Retail.

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LS Retail technology solutions for retail businesses with big ambitions

LS Central is a scalable and flexible Unified Cloud Retail Solution which runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It brings together in one single platform financials (Microsoft ERP), Point of Sale, store operations, supply chain management, inventory, eCommerce and customer loyalty

For that reason, it is critical to choose the right partner to help you unlock the power for your business

LS Central

LS Retail – Designed for your business

Our high-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable software solutions help retailers, hospitality and forecourt businesses worldwide.

Enhance your staff’s performance, offer exceptional customer service and increase sales and loyalty.

Our software solutions can help you:
  • Manage your staff effectively
  • Always have the right products in-store
  • Increase your revenue with up-selling and cross-selling tools directly from your POS
  • Diminish stock-outs
  • Sell faster and more
  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage
  • Cut staff training times
  • Increase loyalty across the channels
Have complete stock control throughout your chain.

Centrally manage all your products, prices offers and promotions for all your locations and e-commerce platform. Use our software solutions to gain:
  • Control over your own locations and franchisees
  • Total overview of stock
  • Central administration of products and prices
  • Cost-effective purchasing and replenishment
  • Flexibility to add POS and deploy new stores
  • Optimal allocation of items and products
  • Performance measurements per location
  • Central management of campaigns, special offers and promotions
Gain total control of your business and grow it in the most profitable direction.

LS Retail will help you:
  • Get control over your business
  • Reduce risks, as the business is driven by procedures and KPIs rather than core people
  • Oversee the whole value chain
  • Expand your business into different industries and geographies
  • Manage your business wherever you are: our software solutions are cloud-enabled
  • React to change nimbly and gain a competitive edge
Analyze and understand your business data with one consolidated view of information.

Gain an in-depth view of all aspects of your whole operation, including stores, inventory, basket size and financials analysis:
  • Total visibility of all transactions from POS to accounting
  • Stock management
  • Reports on store performance
  • Sales reports and statistics
  • Management of payable and receivable accounts
  • Basket and profit & loss analysis
  • Detailed balance sheet analysis tools
  • Reduced system management costs

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Certifications and Partnerships
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Be in control of your business with LS Retail

Have all business processes and key information in your enterprise under control.
  • Unify your business processes across channels, industries and regions

  • Track where stock is across the supply chain.

  • Create ad-hoc reports with the information you need.

  • Manage prices, products, offers and campaigns from HQ.

  • Understand customer needs. Predict demand with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Scale your business and add new outlets easily, running them as a single operation.

  • Configure the system to comply with each region’s legal and fiscal requirements.




Streamline operations with Retail ERP

LS Central includes specialized functionality to:
  • Streamline staff management. Track performance and improve communication with employees.

  • Automate tasks to reduce manual work and time wasted. Decrease out of stocks and overstocks.

  • Forecast inventory.

  • Track your performance with AI-powered BI.

  • Create ad hoc reports.


Keep up with your consumers & boost customer retention

Minimise Threat Exposure

Get clear, real-time information on your customers’ habits, preferences and behaviours. Use it to:

  • Offer secure, contactless payments.

  • Align replenishment to trends and to actual demand.

  • Let customers check real-time stock availability.

  • Use customer shopping history and preferences to personalise interactions.

  • Offer self-service shopping and checkout options.

  • Let customers easily exchange and return products online and in-store.

  • Create effective loyalty programs.




Reduce cost and maximise revenue

Eliminate the waste, inefficiencies and complexity that come with using multiple software solutions.
  • Reduce system administration and integration costs

  • Keep track of your KPIs and quickly adjust your strategy

  • Order just the stock you need and distribute it smartly

  • Reduce manual work and mistakes with automations

  • Base your decisions on consistent, reliable financial data

  • Train employees faster for multiple roles

  • Detect waste and inefficiencies and prevent losses


Why Partner with us for your Retail Business Management Solution?

Choosing the right POS system or business management software for your business may be an overwhelming experience. Our team of LS Retail experts have implemented LS Central in over 500 stores.

We know the specific challenges and requirements you’re faced with. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and aspirations, so we can deliver a roadmap detailing exactly how you can get there. Consulting with our clients truly means something to us!

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You have questions, we have answers. Let’s have a conversation to see if your business and LS Central is the right fit for you.