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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure from ITConsult offers unmatched value for your work loads in the cloud 

Taking a fully functioning business to the cloud with minimal disruption requires a deep level of experience and expertise. ITConsult is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud and we can help you get Microsoft Azure working for you so you can gain the best value possible.

Migrating to the cloud is just the first step. Partnering with ITConsult will give your business the boost it needs to secure your data, manage and maintain your Azure cloud investment and, importantly, to keep your costs under control.

How can you leverage Microsoft Azure from ITConsult?

If you’re like most companies, you’re starting to see the value of cloud computing and recognising it as the way of the future. There’s no doubt that cloud is transforming how many businesses utilise IT resources. You might have some questions about how it all works and what it means for your team to manage.

Our experience has shown that most people want to know more details around 3 key areas.

Data Management

Moving your valuable data into the cloud can be big concern for a lot of businesses. Where is your data stored? How are you going to maintain control of your data and your intellectual property?

Disaster Recovery

What do you do if something happens to the servers when your in the cloud? How will you access your business-critical data and be able to keep serving your customers without a service interruption?

Data Security

How is your data secured in the cloud? Is your data encrypted and away from prying eyes? How would you know if your data has been breached? Can you mitigate threats if your data is outside your firewall?

Data management with Microsoft Azure

At the core of ITConsult’s cloud philosophy is protecting your data and applications. We are focused on helping our clients manage their data within Microsoft Azure to avoid costly interruptions or to meet compliance requirements.

When considering a move to the cloud, you need to look at securely extending your on-premises environment to reduce costs and complexities while achieving efficiency and scalability.


With a low-cost, massively-scalable, tiered storage platform in the cloud, you can reduce forecasting risks while transforming capital expenditure commitments to a pay-as-you-go cloud model


ITConsult sees cloud backup with Azure as a way to simplify backup and data archiving. With backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage solutions there is more than enough flexibility to easily restore data and applications from the cloud


Microsoft Azure gives you massive benefits from the most comprehensive compliance portfolio available. You can have more than 99 years of retention for your backup data, and pick any Azure region for your backup and archive location.

Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure

Even a minor systems outage can put your business at a competitive disadvantage. ITConsult can help you be ready with a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery for all your major IT systems – without the expense of any secondary or backup infrastructure.


ITConsult can help eliminate the hassle and cost of secondary datacenters. Tap into Azure’s nearly infinite capacity at a moment’s notice with a cloud-based data recovery solution designed specifically to your business.


Realise your business goals for continuity and compliance for your cloud infrastructure. Utilise Azure’s encryption features to secure your data with industry-leading protection.


Deploy a disaster recovery solution that protects and natively supports the widest range of enterprise applications of any cloud disaster recovery provider. We can help you build automated recovery plans in hours – not weeks.


When a disaster hits, the last thing you want is to run into a problem. Test your business continuity plans, or run dev-test copies of production workloads in Azure whenever you need to, and without impacting users.

Data Security in Microsoft Azure

With an increase in security breaches and cybercrime, companies are rightfully concerned about the security of their data in the cloud. Microsoft Azure has several options for managing and monitoring your assets.


We’ll help you seutp a unified view of security across on-premises and cloud workloads. Onboard new Azure resources, and apply security policies across your hybrid cloud workloads to ensure compliance with security standards. Collect, search, and analyze security data from a variety of sources, including firewalls and other partner solutions.


With early-warning security recommendation, we can help you can find vulnerabilities and remedaite issues and limit your exposure to evolving threats. ITConsult can continuously monitor and manage the security of your machines, networks, and Azure services using hundreds of built-in security assessments or create your own.


Enable adaptive threat protections to reduce exposure to attacks. Block malware and other unwanted code by applying application controls adapted to your specific workloads and powered by machine learning. Enable just-in-time, controlled access to management ports on Azure VMs to drastically reduce surface area exposed to brute force and other network attacks.


Monitor networks, machines and cloud services for incoming attacks and post-breach activity. Leverage built-in behavioral analytics and machine learning to identify attacks and zero-day exploits. With Microsoft Azure tools, you can streamline investigation with interactive tools and contextual threat intelligence.

Is Microsoft Azure from ITConsult right for you?

Microsoft Azure, or the cloud, may not be the perfect fit for everyone. 
It only takes a short introductory meeting to see if your business and Microsoft Azure is the right cloud platform for you. Let’s catch up and see where we can go next.