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Software Asset Management


Software asset management helps make effective business decisions,  whether on-premise or cloud-based software, to meet annal and long term budget forcasts


Automated discovery of SaaS application and IaaS environment usage shows cloud usage across the IT estate regardless of who purchased the technology


Comprehensive analytics into your cloud utilisation at a user level and system level to enable you to manage licensing, usage and also to uncover waste


Full visibility into the “unknown unknowns”, the software or cloud that no one knew about or was aware of which could  represent a financial or legal risk

Build a strategy to deliver Software Asset Management as a true value to your business 

Managing your software assets and understanding your licensing entitlements and ensuring you are making the best use of your licensed applications can be a complex operation. 

Cloud computing continues to change the face of technology. At the same time, it can be a bane for software asset management. You need find efficient ways of measuring your SaaS licensing and usage and reducing ‘Shadow IT’ apps.

Software Asset Management

Overcoming key Software Asset Management challenges

ITConsult can help you overcome the challenges most business face when looking to implement their SAM strategy and the difficulties of managing software licensing.


To undertand your full IT estate, your SAM must be able to audit all platforms across your network including desktops, servers, mobile regardless of their platform.


Finding all the applications across your business is key. Any SAM you deploy must be able to discover and track the “unknowns” to be truly effective.


To manage your software costs and assets properly you need to track both the presence and the usage of all your applications. Is daily or weekly usage reporting enough or do you need to be more granular?


With all the applications used in your business, do you know what you actually paid for and what you are entitled to use? Identifying only installed applications doesn’t show the true picture.


The SAM solution you choose should support all the necessary license types and automate key reconciliation tasks you use today plus those you might use in the future.


Any SAM solution you deploy should be easy to manage and give you the tools to proactively drive cost savings and understand your license compliance and software expenditure.

Next steps…

If you’re looking to address the real-world challenges of managing software assets for all cloud and SaaS environments through to on-premise and mobile, let’s see if we can help.

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