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Azure ExpressRoute Peering

Fast, Secure and reliabile connectivity to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s ExpressRoute as a secure, private network connection that will allow you to plumb your Micosoft Azure cloud tenancy directly into your network.

With an ExpressRoute connection, your business can benefit from a high-speed dedicated connection which allows you to leverage your cloud investments or hybrid environment to its maximum benefit.

Connectivity can be configured up to 10Gbps. With a Microsoft ExpressRoute from ITConsult, you can replicate and sync data to and from Microsoft Azure as if its within your on-premise network.

ITConsult is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft ExpressRoute provider. We can help you design, implement and mange any Express Route connection. The choice is yours to deliver access from your office or from your data centre infrastructure.

What is Microsoft Express Route?

Microsoft’s ExpressRoute is a dedicated link that extends your network into Microsoft Azure. Now you can have high-performing and secure access direct to your Microsoft cloud platform.

While you can configure ExpressRoute as a VPN service, we find that through a dedicated ethernet service, our clients get the best performance, reliability and value out of Microsoft Azure.

Through a point-to-point ExpressRoute connection, we can help you leverage Azure cloud with higher speeds, lower latency and better security that you would typically get over standard Internet connections or IP-VPN.

Private ExpressRoute When you’ve deployed Azure services in a virtual network you need to configure a private peering circuit to your on-premise infrastructure. With private peering you can simply route traffic to and from your Azure virtual machines using their native private range IP addresses. Through ExpressRoute Private Peering, your Azure environment truly becomes art of your corporate network.

Why choose ExpressRoute peering from ITConsult?

A dedicated connection will always be better than a VPN over the Internet. Read on to see why you should get connected to your Azure cloud with Express Route:


From 50Mb/s to 10Gb/s, you can rely on Express Route connectivity to provide you with integrated access and low-latency connectivity directly into your Microsoft Azure platform.


With Express Route your traffic never touches the Internet. All data is directly passed from your network straight into your tenancy inside Microsoft Azure.


ITConsult has several options available to provide you with the highest levels of redundancy to ensure that the service is there when you need it

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute peering is ready for service from ITConsult today

ITConsult’s ConnectIT for Microsoft Azure Express Route is simply the best way to get a cost-effective, high performing connection to your Azure cloud infrastructure.

Where to next?

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